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Human is creature’s Allah that is created in the best form. There is no creature of Allah creation that most perfect than human genesis, both in the spiritual aspect and physical aspect. The genesis process is also longest than the others that is 280 days in his mother pregnancy, so that in the longest process, he develops become a perfect man because he will receive the message of Allah become caliph, that is manager of world who is trusted by Allah. (Al Baqarah, verse 28).
Human is created by God from nothing to be present and he will return to Him without except. To be watched from the life man cycle since his genesis till he return to Him (Allah), he will undergo five life cycle phase, that are:

1. The phase of spiritual realm or Lauhul Mahfudz,
2. The phase of womb realm or conception phase,
3. The phase of transitory realm or the world realm,
4. The phase of tomb realm or barzah realm,
5. The phase of hereafter realm or forever realm.

Allah decree in the Surah Al-Insyiqaq-verse 19, that actually the life human process undergoes step by step process.

1) The phase of spiritual realm or Lauhul Mahfudz
Before the human underwent womb realm or conception phase in his mother pregnancy, He had been in a realm which all human soul collection in God’s hand, and we are the human didn’t know where we were. In the Islam teaching, that all the human period during his caliphate in the world has been programmed. For example, his fortune, his couple, all of the life cycle who will be passed, his tries who will be passed, and also his happiness, etc, during he undergoes his short life in the world next.
Only Allah who is omniscient all of something in the world, and Allah will not announce to the human. Allah instruct the human pray (ask) to Him and try, if he try to effort and his request is fulfill the requirements his praying, of course his praying will be granted by Allah. (surah Al Baqarah verse 186 and Al Insiqaq verse 6)

When My servants ask thee concerning Me, I am indeed close (to them) : I listen to the prayer of every suppliant when he calleth on Me: Let them also, with a will, listen to My call, And believe in Me : That they may walk in the right way. (Al Baqarah 186)

According to Plato
According to Plato in his philosophy, the spiritual life like this it is called the life over there realm and also is known Plato Idea Realm Theory. Plato thought that human soul before he integrated with the body, he had known all of content’s nature completely.
In the over there realm all of soul (according to Plato’s conviction) had known all of things over there realm by human soul and all of the experience soul in the realm.
Furthermore, the origin and true science according to Plato is the science that gained by soul in the over there realm, that there is in human mind. When the human meet with everything in the world, actually he had known with everything who ever had been watched by the soul in the over there realm. This Plato’s theory was known with the science theory that said, according to philosophy, that the origin and true science that was science in the body and human mind. The science in the human idea is science perfect. After the body and soul had been integrated, so they were tighten each other and then the soul couldn’t wander as he did in the over there realm. Therefore, whether in the sense on the world realm actually it is a duplication from over there realm.
Plato also acknowledges that on the reign in the world there was another absolute reign it was called NOUS. Plato’s conviction in his the philosophy was against with conviction of the rulers at that time with the result that Plato had to be punished and he entered into the jail, finally he was punished die with drank the poison. Although before the execution was done, a few of his pupils had begged to him so that he drew his conviction, but he didn’t want to change his conviction. Finally with his former conviction he drank the poison in the jail. Furthermore, whether that was convicted by Plato with his NOUS was acknowledged by the divinity philosophies that were there was supernatural absolute.

2) The phase of conception realm
The second cycle of every life human is the phase of conception realm that is live through mother pregnancy. Every human who was born to the world according to God’s rule have to through the phase of conception realm in the certain time. In the conception realm human physic grow and develop as conception and regularly according Biology rule that has been determined. In the surah As Sajdah (verse 8 – 9) God saying He create the human descent from water essence that is called sperm (ma-in rahim)

● And made his progeny from a quintessence of the
nature of a fluid despised.
● But He fashioned him in due proportion, and breathed
into him something of his spirit. And he gave you (the faculties of)
hearing and sight and feeling (And understanding): Little thanks do
ye give!

The explicitness is repeated again by Allah in the surah Al Mukminun verse 12 – 14:

● And We did create from a quintessence (of clay). (Al Baqarah12)

● Then We placed him as (a drop of)sperm in place rest, firmly fixed; (Al Baqarah 13)

● Then We made the sperm into a clot of congealed blood; Then of that clot We made out of that lump bones and clothed the bones with flesh; then We developed out of it another creature. So blessed be God, the Best to create. (Al Baqarah 14)

In the womb a human in conception/fetus form, he grows and develops during more or less 208 days. In the womb a human fetus is maintained and protected by his mother who is his pregnant. He is sleep in the womb and all of needs for growing and developing has been available by his mother and all of the needs is ready for use that is brought by blood stream in the essence of biology form through placenta. He is maintained by examine her pregnant to the doctor or midwife regularly so that his grow and his develop can be tracked finely. Moreover, with grown and development of pregnant science, development of a human fetus can be detected accurately, even his date day can be calculated, so that his mother can prepare the birth of her baby properly.
To the woman is generated by Allah one of His character that is merciful. In the conception realm a human candidate is in restful, safe, and peacefully. He is never left by his mother who is her pregnant, he is brought to everywhere. Such it is very large the affection of a mother to her baby’s candidate who is pregnant by her. All of sufferings who is undergone by a mother during pregnant is resisted toughly, so sometimes her healthy is bothered because big stomach. In the big stomach period several of jeremiads who are felt even until the time of birth arrive. When she will burn a mother fights between die or live for baby birth that is beloved. It is true decree of Allah who is warn to all of human so that “Don’t do talk impolite and rough to his mother”, because his mother has been his being pregnant and maintain with affection. Even a mother sometimes who is being pregnant feels worried with bad mind, when her baby doesn’t move. But if her baby in the womb has moved again she feels joy and happy because her baby is still live.
Since conception realm a mother begin prenatal education to her baby, that is a mother familiarize herself to eat the nutrient foods regularly, has a good idea for her baby, she tries to keep her emotion so that her condition become good and the blood stream flows regularly so the food that is needed by her baby can pass through the placenta regularly that is received by navel and be continued to all of the body of baby.
Therefore, for an educated husband, he will try as optimal as possible that can be done for maintaining and make it up to his wife heart who is being pregnant and affords to give the nutrient foods (empat sehat lima sempurna). Although, the prices of foods are not expensive, the nutrient of food must always high, so that the growing of her baby candidate continues finely and perfectly. There from maintains a mother who is pregnant very important for continuing the health of a mother herself and her pregnant.
Why Allah creates the growing and development human candidate in the womb need long time. Because his growing has to pass the perfect stages so that her birth will be perfect, as is decreed by Allah, that We have created the human in the best form (laqad khalaqnal insana fi ahsanit taqwiim). The event and development perfectly is needed, because the human will receive responsibility as a leader in the world (caliphate) after his period come (adult).
The other thing with development and growing the others creatures, they are usually created is no longer because the animals will be not became the leader in the world but as part of range of facilities the human life and to fulfill needs.

3) The phase of transitory realm or world realm
After the growing and development period in the womb perfect so the baby is born in the world. When he is born and until certain time he can’t do anything. He is very depend on aid of his mother and his father and his environment. Since he was born by his mother, he always studies until return to his God. The baby is born cannot do anything. He is weak and impotence. Through maintain and nurture and nature he begins showing his growing and body development according to growing and development process.
According to a personage of Anthropology Philosophy, Bolk, that a human child is born too early morning, means his birth is too quickly than with birth of the animals, so he can’t do anything. The other thing with the animals that his birth is not too early morning, so when he is born he has been suitable with his environment, even among of them there is the animal that can live without helped by his mother. What it is said by Bolk implied many blessing as that is given away as a tithe (fitrah) by God, that the human must hard study, study since from his birth (ayunan) till to the grave hole. Bolk’s opinion enforce the Islam’s opinion and teachings, that is “for managing the world has to by science and to gain the hereafter also has to by science,” as it is said in the part of hadist of Muhammad SAW. This thing is suitable with the content of surah Al Baqarah that told, Adam AS prophet before he was promoted to become caliph Allah in the world, he had been thought by Allah about the names of things (science) and then he was tested by Allah at front of angels and satan (Iblis) (Al Baqarah verse 31).
Through his parents, a child who has been born he begins get an education formally. He is thought drinking from his mother’s breast (ASI) and learns to know his parents and his brothers and sisters. All of things are thought by his parents, even how the way to urine and feces are also thought. During he is in upbringing by his parents, a lot of practice experiences are thought by his parents, so he can suitable with his environment. Moral education, means, and religion also are thought by his parents.
After he is 7 year, that is the mature age for going to school, so he is entered to the kindergarten, and then to the elementary school, between 7 o’clock till 10 o’clock a.m. it the best time for mother to complete all of housewife’s work, such as, washing the clothes, maintain the home, go to the market and then cooks, so at 10 o’clock when her child arrives at home all foods are ready for her child.
Why do his parents send to school? This thing, it is because his parents usually don’t have science and education to teach his child, such as knowledge and skills. That has all of science and education are school. Furthermore, under upbringing of teachers in the school, the child more and more undergoes development quickly, so he can pass his elementary school (SD/Ibtidaiyah) then he continues to the junior school (SMP/Tsanawiyah), senior high school (SMA/Aliyah), and finally to higher education (Perguruan Tinggi/Al Jami’ah).
All of education needs are fulfilled by his parents, so at one moment he will be an adult human who is stand alone.
How large the share of parents in enlarge and his educate with their affection, without care about how joy and sorrow to educate and enlarge, so he will be the human who know the god and bad. The child will be sinful if he doesn’t know how to thanks and devotion to his parents who has being pregnant and enlarge. In one of part hadist is told, that at the moment Muhammad prophet is asked by his friend in the meeting, “ Hoi Muhammad Rasulullah, to whom the first I devotion?” these questions are asked until three times, the prophet answer with the same answer as many as three times, that is devotion to your mother (Umuka, umuka, umuka). And at the fourth question his friend ask again to the prophet, ”Who else, hoi Rosulullah?” the prophet replied,” To your father (Ubuka).”
In surah Al Baqarah is also insisted by God, that a child is forbidden to talk with hurt parent’s feeling, talk roughly, and to make his parents sad (Uffin), for example, be opposed his parent’s suggest, to snarl, but he has to talk softly, and finely to his parents. The action to hurt the parents is pushed away by Allah, as is told by Allah in surah Al Isra verse 23. In the Muhammad Rasulullah era there was a child of his friend, who was his father a syahid man in Uhud war, he was agony. After prophet and his friend had given a pray to him repeatedly, but he didn’t die. Then, Muhammad Rasulullah ordered his friend to call mother’s child to come to him. Muhammad Rasulullah ask mother’s child to forgive his son but the child still agony, because still there was a sin of the child to his mother that had not been forgiven yet. So Muhammad prophet decides,” Hoi my friends, get the woods and then will burn this child so that he soon meets with his God.” When mother’s child heard prophet’s decision, she forgave again her son truly and then soon the child die.
From event that is excerpted, we know how great of merits and appreciation to the mother in Islam, so a child at first must devotion to his mother, then his father. Don’t hurt their heart, you must remember that old human usually is easier to be sad his/her heart. Because of the reason Muhammad prophet when he is praying he never forgets to pray for his parents,” Alhummagfir li walidaiyya hamhuma kamaa robbayani saghiira, Alhummagfir la huma, warhamhumma, wa’afihumma, wa’fu’anhuma,” and so on.
The ages of human in the world is not long, more and less 80 years and in this ages we cannot do anything, even senile. During the human lives in the world he is average productive in the ages 25 years, and it is wasted for studying about 18 years.
How is very lucky for the human who has iman (aladiina aamanu), he has knowledge and give charity, such as, the teachers, ustadzs, and docents. They are included Allah servant who makes merit and virtuous every day, because they teach the science and to make smart people. These charities or good deed are appreciated as hadist Rasulullah SAW,” If an Adam’s son is dying so cut all of his charities except three things:

(1) His good child who always pray to his parents.
(2) His useful science that can be used by the people.
(3) His charities that is given to the poor truly.

Therefore, for the teachers, or educators at least they have plant their invest for growing, developing, and to make the people become smart. According to hadist Rosulullah ,”Actually Allah lifts degree of people who believe from you that are looking for science.”
According to Islam teachings during his charities and his science that is invented and it is developed by Muslim and it is still used by the people, so he will get and it will be written in his charity book (Al Isra verse 71 and Al Muthafifin verse 17-20).

4) The phase of grave realm or barzah realm
In the same manner as explained in the above, that the man age is limited and also period of their caliphate will be ended, that is ended by death. The death cannot be postponed although for the while according to the people wish. Allah decree, ”If the death has arrived it cannot be moved for postponing or is moved forward just the moment,” (Sura An Nahl verse 4, Al Munafiqun and Al Mukminun verse 43) “Every soul shall have a taste of death; And only on the Day of Judgment shall you be paid full recompense. Only he who is saved far from the fire and admitted to the garden will have attained the object (of life): For the life of this world is but goods and chattels of deception.” (Sura Ali Imran verse 185)
If the death of someone has come, he soon is buried. He doesn’t bring something. All of treasure, beautiful wife or handsome husband, children, and also his family don’t follow him. All of them just lead him to the grave. After he is buried all of them will return to each home. Only shroud cloth is brought by him into the brave hole. And the shroud will be destroy and decayed in the land and will not follow him to meet Allah SWT. Every Muslim who die all things that related to the world and all of charity are cut with him, except three things, that are the good child who always pray to his parents, useful science that can be used by the people, and charities that is given to the poor truly. These three kindnesses those are always followed by him to the grave realm or hereafter realm.
According to Islam teachings, if a Muslim die and he is a good servant and he doesn’t do a denial and sin during he still alive in the world, so the angel will come to his grave and talk,” O ye a pious Allah servant, please sleep soundly until the doomsday arrive and will be not punished. However, if he during live in the world he do a denial and sin, so the angels will come to his grave and they will torture him or a sinner.
The punishment for a sinner will be received not only in the grave but also in hereafter day, and he will enter into the hell (sura Al Muthafifin verse 1-11). A sinner will regret and he will say to Allah “Oh my God return me to the world again.” (sura Al Mukminun verse 99). How is mortified the Allah torture in the grave realm, so he doesn’t endure it, so the denial man to Allah during his live realize after he die. On the other hand, for the Muslim believers to the Allah and do all of the kindnesses and he doesn’t do the for- bidden things by Allah, he doesn’t will the torture in the grave realm, and the angel will order him to sleep soundly until the doomsday arrive and he will go to the heaven with the others Muslim believers.
According to Muslim religious teacher (Ulama), when a die man is left by the delivers and his family, he will be come by soul of the pious men and ask him how about his family who is left by him. So he will answer and give information, that all of his family who is left by him is in good condition, and they obey to the shalat (pray), and do the orders of Allah, so they (soul of the pious men) feel happy. And on the other hand, if all of his family who is left by him is in bad condition, so they will angry.
Therefore, for us who are still have remain live must realize that live in the world is very short and we must do a good action as preparation to give the charities that will be brought to the Allah.
The human are descended in the world don’t do the destroy, but for a kindness and devotion to Allah. Because Allah descent the prophets for kindness, so his community will follow his kindness through his good teachings. How Allah most gracious and most merciful is. We are created by Allah and live in the world and then we are given all of needs and also we are given the patterns and guidance of life, in the Pattern of Master Plan and the Guidance for Muslim Believers those are Al-Qur’an and His Sunnah Rasul, so that these live peaceful and full of blessing of Allah. But a lot of human does not realize and little thanks. The result of the denial human we can see between of them mutually destroy and mutually mistrustfully. These things are happened because a part of them doesn’t hold the divine revelations of Allah, but just follow their desire. The groups one want force his desire to the others. Fifteen century ago Muhammad Prophet had brought unity of God teachings so that the human did a good act in the world and also with noble character, and did according to the rule of Allah.
Allah want His servant always kind and devotion to Him, therefore He send the delegates the prophets and messengers to His servant. So for Muslim believers who know to thanks of course will not do something that to make Allah is angry, because a lot of luck
and enjoyment that has been given to the human. So God in the sura Al Kautsar, decree;

● Indeed, We have granted you, [O Muhammad], the Fount (of abundance). (1)

● So pray to your Lord and sacrifice [to Him alone]. (2)

● Indeed, your enemy is the one cut off. (3)

If the human realize, that when he was born from his mother’s womb he didn’t bring anything and cannot do anything and now after he become a human being, he has have everything and his environment. What is the sign of thanks to Allah who has created and give the luck without asked? Very disadvantage for they who don’t know to thanks and they will be punished with the pain punishment. Allah decree, anyone who doesn’t know to thanks waits My very hurt torture and cannot be borne.

5) The phase of hereafter realm or forever realm.
At the fifth life cycle of human, all of the human will be awaked from his tomb realm. At that time the angel Isrofil blow his trumpet so Allah servants out from their tomb and the day is called Yaumul Ba’tsi that is awaked day from tomb realm. At the day all of the human go to the Mahsyar field, that is a place for assemble the entire human according to each group that is according to each prophet.
In the Mahsyar field every human is judged by Allah and they are given their record. Allah decree in sura Al Mukminun verse 101 – 105,”
يَتَسَاءلُونَ وَلَا يَوْمَئِذٍ بَيْنَهُمْ أَنسَابَ فَلَا الصُّورِ فِي نُفِخَ فَإِذَا
الْمُفْلِحُونَ هُمُ ئِكَ فَأُوْلَ نُهُ ازِيمَوَ ثَقُلَتْ فَمَن

خَالِدُونَ جَهَنَّمَ فِي أَنفُسَهُمْ خَسِرُوا الَّذِينَ ئِكَ فَأُوْلَنُهُ ازِيمَوَخَفَّتْ وَمَنْ

لِحُونَ كَا فِيهَا وَهُمْ النَّارُ مُ وهَهُوُجُ تَلْفَحُ

تُكَذِّبُونَ بِهَا فَكُنتُم عَلَيْكُمْ تُتْلَى آيَاتِي نْ تَكُ أَلَمْ

● Then when the trumpet is blown, that day, there will be no more relationships between them, Nor will one ask after another. (101)
● Then those whose balance (of good deeds) is heavy, they will attain salvation. (102)
● But those whose balance is light, will be those who have lost their souls, in hell will they abide. (103)
● The fire will burn their faces, and they will therein grin, with their lips displaced. (104)
●“Were not my signs rehearsed to you, and ye did but treat them as falsehood?” (105)

After each community is judged at hereafter day so life cycle of human that is from nothing is created become exist and from Allah come and finally return to Him, so human life cycle has been finished.
The Muslim believers enter into the Jannatun Naim paradise and they get enjoyment as in return and requital of observant to Allah together with the community as lucky as with him. And for they who don’t obey to the law of Allah, they are entered into Weil hell together with the human who has the same fate with them.


1) Live is not long and we are created and descent into the transitory realm that is for doing kindness to the others in realization of leadership that is trusted to us by Allah in the our devotion link to Him. Very lucky the Muslim believers with Allah verses and do the kindness during devotion period in the world are included the teachers and educators. They get the good requital from Allah in the hereafter day. They are placed in forever realm that cannot be imagined by the human except by Allah. Therefore, the guidance toward the place has given by Allah in the Al Qur’an and Al Hadist or Sunnah His Messenger.

2) Very disadvantage for the human who doesn’t receive the truth of Allah although Allah has given it with various way to them, both trough His messengers and His holy books and parables that has been shown to the human by religious teacher (Ulama) and leader of community (Umara).

3) For the human who is still alive and has chance with long age, they have to realize what the preparation is that has been done for meet Allah in the hereafter day. Allah most merciful and most graceful and Allah most receivers repent and forswear His servant who want return to Him.

Increase the good act and devotion to HIM.


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