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Teacher Competency

Teacher Competency:
Teacher competence is the ability of teacher to apply his expert in his job and duty at school of particularly subject matter field includes English. Teacher competence is one of the teacher ‘s academic components which denotes the expert in guidance and lead the student to be good future citizen and responsibility to his own private and to nation and motherland. The teacher profession with his competence differentiate him to the other job profession in the world, especially in Indonesia.
According to the government rule of Undang-Undang Guru dan Dosen No 19 year 2009 that the teacher’s competence . Competence consists of three:
1. Academic Competence
2. Personality competence
3. Paedogogic Competence
Academic Competence
According to CBTE or Competency Based Teacher Education, the teacher competence are ten kinds, namely:
a. Ability to mastery of subject matter.
b. Ability to manage the teaching-learning program
c. Ability to manage the class room
d. Ability to manage the media and Teaching Learning Resources
e. Ability to manage the basic of education
f. Ability to manage the teaching learning interaction
g. Ability to manage the function of Guidance and Canceling
h. Ability to manage the evaluation of student’s achievement
i. Ability to manage the basically research and interpretation
2. Personality Competence
Personality is special trait someone in his performance and conduct in daily life where the exist, so he is difference with others. According to Sigmund Freud (the expert of Depth Psychology) that personality is something to differentiate him with others. Personality means it cannot divide, it is as a whole. Personality consists of three components:
a. The traits or the kinds of personality are 300 kinds.
b. The type of body namely: endomorph or short type of body.
Mesomorph or middle type of body
Ectomorph or high type of body.
c. The ways of communication interaction with surrounding or society like egocentre (egoist), altruistic (altruistis, solo or like alone to anywhere; introvert or to close to outside or extrovert or to open to outside.
3. Paedogogic Competence
Paedogogic competence is the ability to guide and to lead the student to be good future student and adult and his responsibility to his own self, sociely and to God. The father of National Educator Ki Hadjar Dewantara that teacher is the example for people from the end of his nail up to hair and to follow or guru is digugu and ditiru. Therefore the teacher profession is quiet difference with other profession in world and especially in Indonesia. In Indonesia teacher is the place for answer question for people, because people regard him knows all so he is to be salut by people Guru or teacher is a group persons who learn in the rest of life or life long education.


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