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Homoeducandum & Homoeducandus

In Education there are two groups of human beings or homomeganthropus: Homoeducandum and Homoeducandus. These two groups human beings come from the sentence of Greek.
Homoeducandum is a person in growth and development from the fetus period up to 21 years old; exception among them are married. Fetus (Latin, Greek) means embryo or in Indonesia Janin.

1. Homoeducandum
Homoeducandum is a person in growth and development. He needs the helping from others. According to Elizabeth B. Hurlock in her book “The Developmental Psychology”, that the growth and development of Homoeducandum begins from fetus and is well known as embryo. At the below we study the growth and development of Homoeducandum or man as a whole.
1) The conception period : up to 200 days in mother’s stomach. As long as 280 days all human in the world their life begin at mother’s stomach namely in capsule. Embro come from egg and spermatozoide meet in mother’s uterus (rahim). The growth and development of this embryo begins from blood ( 3 months), flesh ( 3 months and complete embryo 3 months and 10 days). This embryo in condition sleeping and his food from his mother by means of blood streaming. If mother in her pregnant eats complete nutrition so the embryo is growth and development perfectly.

2) The Neonatal or New Born up 15 days : Orok (Indonesia)
If the neonatal or orok is healthy and there is no extraordinary he cries. The baby cries according to medical doctor it is the sign healthy and sound and no blind, no doubt. According to philosopher of Bolk, the baby is fear to face the future of his life because of as long as in mother’s stomach he is in condition asleep and he can’t do anything. But after bearing he feels ill and his future is dark, therefore he cries loudly in order that his another takes pity on him, and then put into mother’s uterus. In Islam the first stimulus stimulate the baby is the sound of Adzan (boy) or Iqamah (girl).

3) The Period : Forth night up to 1,5 years.
In the rest of life baby, he needs all his primary needs from his parents including to do member two, drink, eat, sleep, speak, to take a bath, good service and merciful and pay attention. All his skill he gets from imitating includes to gesture performance and his personality. According to psychology and sociology, the developing of baby by imitating or imitation.

4) The Child : 1,5 – 7 years
As long as child period his growth and development are perfect like human. In this period he learns from his parents and he begins to be homoeducandum after 4 years old he enters to play group then to kindergarten where he is seven years old he enters to elementary school.

5) School Period : 7 – 13 years
This period is becoming formal educandum, because he is just getting formal education at elementary school or primary school. At this learns many kinds skill science, according to curriculum and guide books from government.

6) The Puberty Period : 13 – 15 years
Puberty comes from the word of pubes means begins to big child. At this body just grown some or many kinds of feathers among them hairs become fully grows, the leg’s feathers, moustache, beard, the armpit feathers and between of two tights. The girls begins menstruation and boy begins to dream and wet (and also girl). He begins attract to another gender or heterosexual interest. He likes to make up, gets full dress and contrast and show his/her performance or behavior.
7) The Youth Period : 15 – 18 years
8) The Last Youth Period : 18 – 21 years
9) Adult Period : 21 – to die.

7. youth period 15-18 years
This period the youth has the growth and development is better than before because of the development of his mind and consciousness to his own as young people. He begins to pay attention to his development like the surrounding.
8. Last youth period 18-21 years
In this period the youth his development begins to subjective, means he pays attention to himself, therefore sometimes he is egoistic or he is important to himself, without attention to the surrounding.
9. Adult period 21 above
This period in his growth has been complete like others adult, but in his minds he has two attitudes namely subjective and objective. These attitudes depend on the surrounding situation and his emotions or his private condition. Example: when he is happy or good condition his attitude to be objective, he can understand to others and he can receive the condition. But when his condition is not good or emotion or angry to family, his attitude to surrounding to be subjective, like on the bus. He doesn’t want to give facilitation to the old adult or he pretend not pay attention to other and so on. Everybody is different his character and it depends to the situation, condition and his mind (psycho)
Homo educandus is a person has been to adult or has been married or to parents or to be teacher because his job at school or after graduation from educational faculty or university.
And now why homo educandus must educate?
1. He feels responsibility for the young generation as the continuous generation.
2. All religions especially Islam teaches to its believers to be good and to obey to God’s command because Allah says:
God will hang up the believers’ belief in God and good performance (beramal shaleh).
3. Homo Educandum has God’s trust to apply to his life and then here after God will ask him.
4. Homo educandus feels that he is responsibility to young generation for his good future.
5. Homo educandus as teacher or parents or leader anticipate the good future the young generation.
6. Homo educandus enlarge the academic horizon of young generation
7. Homo educandus is conscious that the society is always change.
8. Because of the education and the technology never stops development.
9. The future is in the present, so homo educandus ought to educate homo educandum


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