Posted by: erienkoma | June 11, 2010

Concept of Hypertext

● Pioneers : BUSH,NELSON and ANZEL
Concept of hypertext was described by Bush as a system; it was called “MEMEX” (Memory Extender)
In his article “As We may Think”, as “a sort of mechanized private file and library” and as “a device in which an individual stores his books, records, and communications, and which is mechanized so that it may be consulted with exceeding speed and flexibility”.
Memex was created by Bush based on microfilm and eye-tracking technology to enable users to follow cross-reference with ease

● Nelson who coined the term “hypertext”
Based on Bush’s idea of memex, he developed “XANADU”. Xanadu was designed based on combination of back end and local databases, which enables fast response for most hypertext access.

• Anzel,, (1992:124)
Based on the concept hypertext system, Anzel,, state that “the recent interest in hypertext concepts in computer science can be explained by the fact that we can now support non-linearity with computers, thus making it much easier and faster for a reader to follow up cross references. Modern computers, furthermore, allow us to expand the notion of the text to include not only texts and pictures as in printed texts, but also sound, music, animation and video in a single hypertext system.”
What is Hypertext?
Non-Sequential Information. From the windows displayed on the screen (“Contents” screen), users can open document D directly instead of opening document A first, followed by document B and C sequentially. Suppose a user can’t find information he requires in document D , and he wants to open document B, he may access document B directly. This is because there is a link between the “Contents” windows on the screen and document D, and another link with connects document D and B.


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